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Boost your export sales with importer database

Exim Radars helps you to find the Authentic and Verified data of real global importers by product you need. Save time and cost.
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We help you explore 
endless new opportunities 
of global trade


Search real buyer easily  If you're exporter, we provides find high quality overseas importers. Our shipping records reveal customers name, product description, import volumes for real buyer around the world.


Monitor Competitors Our shipping records can help you keep an eye on your current competitors and identify new companies in the market. Find out how much they're shipping and who they're sourcing from.


Insight market research  EximRadars helps you to identify market trends to stay ahead of the curve. Trade shipment trends can help you forecasting signal demand in the destination country and bring you on top of the trade opportunity.


Unlimited keywords search EximRadars provide user to search from any product name by any HS Code up to 6 digits. You can select only the real buyer that real import of you delicate specific products only.


Authentic data by real transaction Our data can verify credibility of each the transaction by search for checking for B/L, AWB, containers number record from shipping lines checking at customs of each country.


Diversified variable You can search new importer by identify Product name, HS Code, import or export country, original or destination sea port, consignee name, shipper, vessel name, arrival date and etc.

Finding Real Importer is Easy...? 
How we solve the problems?

Save marketing cost

Exporters can do active marketing campaigns direct to a specified potential buyer by search from their previous importing records. Your marketing budget with a natural touch to the point of your selected buyer and can also build up a list of prospective buyers to do direct marketing in the future.

Save time to approach new importers

Your export sale team can dedicate most of the time only to the selected potential buyer. You can filter by their import product, import value, volume, destination country, and seaport. Never waste time waiting for unknown low profile buyers from useless online B2B platforms.

Authentic & Verified data

You can examine our data credibility by trace and track to verify the authentication of each importer by searching with master B/L and container number at the shipping lines database or customs broker party. Our reliable, intelligent data can help you to discover the real trading opportunity.

Maximize profit and minimize risk of quotation

Never missed rejected quotation which did not fit the buyer. EximRadars can help you understand the background profile of your prospect importer by their import history. More understand how their buy from who where when and more success of your quotation.

Filter fraud trader

You can understand the background of your new buyer by track the record of their importer history—Runaway from fraud buyer with no credibility. You can unlimited search by their company name anytime.

Increase success rate

EximRadars is the essential tool for seriously exporters to use daily! Our data support the active selling because we providing direct contacts of the buyers. You can search by any product keywords or HS Code. We are more than 356,000 unique buyer to generate your endless opportunity.

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We love to analyse big data :) With over eight years of experience, we’ll ensure that you’re always getting the best authentic to approach the right importer by your specific demand.


terabytes of data
on demand FOR YOU

Biggest global shipping data eight years up to present. Easily for your one-click search.


happy clients
local and worldwide

We help them boost up their export sales and no need worry missing to join any trade fair.


Countries of
Shipping Data

Authentic original source of data from trust 56 trade countries and more!


name of ​Importer List

Endless opportunity by your selected potential buyers, update daily 24/7 uptime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use EximRadars?

Businesses use EximRadars in many different ways:

  • Exporter companies can identify importers in the destination country by shipper information.
  • Overseas factories can find buyers who are already purchasing similar products in your import country.
  • Customs brokers and logistics companies can uncover American businesses that can use their transportation services. 
  • Logistics companies and freight forwarders monitor their shipments and gauge their market share by trade lane. 
  • Asset managers gauge the operating health of companies with much shorter lags than typical quarterly reporting. 
  • Law firms identify and quantify intellectual property violations against their clients.
  • Banking can use our data to check trading records to see the credibility of giving trade credits.
  • Business associations and Government units can find to list of overseas buyers to promote trade campaigns and send invitations to the buyer to join trade fairs or participate in business matching.
How can I find who my competitors are exporting to?
  • Our users are able to reveal where their competitors exporting of sourcing their products by viewing exactly which overseas factories supply each of their ocean freight shipments. You can run free searches on EximRadars.com tosearch for the company you’re interested in to make sure they're in our database.  You can also check out our blog post here for a guide on how to find your competitor's suppliers.  If you still can’t find the company you’re searching for, you can schedule a demo to get more information on our product services.
Will I be able to download shipment data from EximRadars?
  • Yes. With our 'Global account' user can download the results of any search in either Microsoft Excel (XLS and XLSX) formats.
Is EximRadars legal?
  • Yes. All data provided by EximRadars is either public record or legally obtained proprietary data. Maritime records have been public for decades, it just took the power of EximRadars to transform this data into digestible information.
What data does EximRadars provide?
  • EximRadars gives you access to shipping manifests for all ocean freight entering and exiting the United States. We also offer import and export data from customs e.g. Asia importer data ​includes China** India, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam. South America includes Argentina Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela. North America includes United States, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama. Europe includes U.K., France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine. Africa includes Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda. and shipping data from 56 countries.

    The ocean freight shipping manifest is a public record in the United States, so we’ve built easy-to-use search tools to make finding exactly what you’re looking for simple. Search for any company or product and we’ll show you all matching shipments. This will give you deep operational insights into the trading activities of competitors, customers, and more. Please contact us to get the update list of country.
Where does EximRadars data come from?
  • The data we provide is sourced from the United States Customs and Border Protection and similar agencies from other countries. The United States data is obtained through the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and is considered public record, while data from other countries is legally obtained proprietary data.

    Our data contains import information from the Bill of Lading for shipments entering or leaving 18 countries. For the U.S., we get this shipping manifest data for shipments entering the country by ocean from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

    We license our data from a variety of sources including records from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, other government agencies, non-profit organizations and partnerships with private data services.

    This raw data is provided directly and consists of all available information on the bill of lading for each shipment entering a U.S. port via ocean and is considered public record. For the other countries, we offer a mixture of import and export data, for both air, sea, and land shipments.


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